What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a process. It is somewhere you can reflect upon what is happening in your life and how you feel about yourself, a confidential space where we can explore together whatever is causing you to be troubled, unhappy or unsatisfied  and consider what may be lacking in your life. 

The therapeutic relationship is unlike any other - not friend, mentor or expert, but someone alongside you as you work to uncover what may be getting in the way of living in a more fulfilling way.

I can support you to recognise patterns of behaviour which feel stuck, and explore if these are still helpful to you or whether you are repeating patterns you developed in different circumstances and which may no longer serve you.

By recognising these patterns you can become free to reflect on your present responsibilities to yourself and other people in your life and create space to make different choices. Identifying areas where you can make changes - and also where you cannot - allows for an awareness of different possibilities,  making clear where adjustments may benefit you and your relationships. 

We can meet for a fixed number of sessions or for a longer, open-ended period of time. We will discuss how you are feeling as we progress and consider together when might be the right time to bring therapy to an end and how we will work towards that.